Not enough functionalities or documentation ? Install a plugin !



For people making an extensive use of only a few Python libraries, plugins can customize MathBench in order to make it even more straightforward to use with these libraries.

List of plugin(s):

Please find instructions on how to create your own plugins in the development section.


Plugins can be downloaded from SourceForge download page.

Once the plugin files are downloaded, MathBench automatically handles their correct installation. For more details please refer the walkthrough below:

  • download a plugin and extract its files in a safe place (e.g. your desktop)

    A few plugins can be donwloaded right from MathBench's website
  • ask MathBench for the addition of a new plugin

    MathBench "preferences" menu makes it possible to add plugins
  • activate the plugin

    Check the box next to the plugin to activate it