The core features



Please remember that the best way to see the features is to try it.

MathBench being freesoftware you can install it at no cost (see the installation instruction for that), keep it and modify it as you like, isn't that a nice feature too ?

Graphical Shell And Script Editor

  • Auto-completion
  • Call tips
  • Shell session recovery
  • Script generation from the session

Look for more details on MathBench 's basic usage and on working with the editor.

Documentation System

  • Simple graphical interface to the documentation (aka "LibraryDesk")
  • Extensible search engine to search among code samples and documentation provided by plugins.

See also an illustration of the library desk.


MathBench can be extend via plugins that can improve the user experience by automatically running some bits of codes or providing specific documentation.

Please find more details on the page dedicated to plugins.